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Mobilisation Guide describes how carefully planned and executed mobilisation creates the foundation for successfully operating a power plant far into the future.


The process of developing a new power plant from its inception to commercial operation is complex and demanding. To meet the requirements for the efficiency and desired return on investment, a well-executed mobilisation of operation and maintenance (O&M) services plays a central role. But what are the important decisions to make at the beginning of the asset’s lifetime? Download our Mobilisation Guide to find out.

The mobilisation guide provides you:

  • Key elements of a successful O&M mobilisation 
  • Overview on capabilities required from a competent O&M provider  
  • Introduction to standardised steps and process for mobilising a greenfield power plant

The guide is based on Fortum’s long experience in serving both our own fleet as well as a wide range of international O&M customers in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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A confirmation will be sent to your email address with a link to download your free copy. 


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